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Chronic lower back pain can take over a life. It can rob you of your sense of well-being, strength, mobility and very quickly become a downward spiral that takes you through pain, which limits your desire to move, which causes more pain and makes recovery more difficult. It can mean an end to activities with your children, hobbies with friends, simply Sunday afternoon drives or a few hours at the movies.


Pain associated with herniated discs and sciatica is experience by many people, and the chronic pain they endure with it can have long-reaching consequences. Some people suffer so much for so long, and try so many different ineffective treatment options, that they are left in exhausted and dispirited, but still in pain. In the meantime, many of them have taken dosage after dosage of over the counter pain remedies, only to find what little relief they got was ultimately only masking the underlying problem. Some might even opt for surgery, even though the results of those procedures are often mixed.


It doesn’t have to be this way. You can treat the underlying issue without drugs and without surgery and expect to get long-term, sustainable relief by following the same simple principles for good back health that have been in practice for more than 2,000 years.


Muscle Balance Therapy, which is a system customized for your personal physiology and back pain relief needs, is based on the same principles that were used by the Greeks to promote strong, highly functioning and pain-free backs.


The idea is simple but powerful. Much lower back happens when muscles that are supposed to work together stop doing so, because they are either not of similar strength or not of similar levels of flexibility. When this occurs, the strong and more flexible muscles begin to compensate for the weaker and more rigid muscles, reinforcing the problem of the underlying issue.


Solving this problem, and becoming pain-free, is a matter of bringing these muscles back into balance, both in terms of strength and flexibility.


It is important to understand that while many of us experience this imbalance in our muscle structure, each of us is experiencing it in manner that is unique to us, to our individual bodies. So restoring the balance requires restoring the balance that your unique body requires.


In order to accomplish this, Muscle Balance Therapy starts by examining and assessing your particular areas of weakness and inflexibility. Once that is determined, an individualized course of action is developed, and exercises mapped out which basically mirror the imbalance for the affected muscles in your body. In essence, imbalance is matched with imbalance, and thus balance is restored. By “over” working the weak muscles and “under” working the strong ones, the two sets will achieve the same levels of strength and flexibility.


Medications will ease the discomfort, but only for awhile. Tummy crunches will help. But only a little. Surgery holds promise. But often enough does not deliver. Bringing you body back into balance attacks the pain at its source, and provides a pathway not just for a pain-free back, but a way of maintaining optimal back health over time.





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