Treating Sleep Apnea Homeopathically

More and more individuals who suffer from medical conditions are turning to alternative or complementary therapies for an extra boost of help for their symptoms. Before looking to these therapies for treating sleep apnea, first start with the basics such as exercise and weight loss. Sleep apnea is often attributed to structural problems, such as restricted airways. By losing weight, airways are allowed to open, thus allowing for easier breathing. For some people, even a small weight loss, for example, ten to fifteen pounds can make a difference.

Practitioners of homeopathy theorize that sleep apnea is connected to a loss of energy. For this reason they believe that diet is a strong consideration when treating sleep apnea. It's important to reduce the level of sugar you consume, as well as other kinds of foods or food additives or foods that fall under the category of "allergic foods." When it comes to treating sleep apnea, homeopathic professionals prescribe herbal medicine based on an individual’s personality whether it be extroverted of introverted. These two substances are lachesis and homeopathic opium. Lachesis is best for those extroverted individuals who are also charismatic and have a tendency to get upset and angry easily. Introverts are recommended to try homeopathic opium. This is also especially helpful for moderate to temperate types who have a past history that is full of emotional and/or physical discomfort or pain.

Another alternative therapy sometimes used for sleep apnea sufferers is flower remedy/essence therapy. The therapy used in this case is a flower remedy known as Vervain. Vervain has a tendency to calm and relax people. Not only does it help symptoms of sleep apnea in some sufferers but also Vervain is also excellent when it comes to lowering levels of stress and helping those with high blood pressure. This flower remedy as well as a variety of others can be purchased at most health food store and also can be purchases online.

New approaches to treating sleep apnea are developing all the time. If you prefer a more homeopathic approach to the traditional surgeries, then these suggestions are a good place to start. As always, however, first discuss how you intend to approach treating your sleep apnea with your doctor before starting on any path of treatment, whether alternative or not. 


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